Here at Kaya you can choose between two elite brands of sunless tanning. The organic Vita Liberata spray tan for on the go tanning or the luxurious manually applied St. Tropez for a relaxing tanning experience.

Before and Aftercare

Before and aftercare

To help achieve and maintain the healthiest, most natural looking tan, we recommend you follow the advice below
● The night before your tan please exfoliate thoroughly to remove dead skin cells, this helps promote even tan development and ensures your tan wears off evenly.
● Do not apply body moisturisers or deodorant on the day of your tan.
● Please wear loose fitting, dark clothing once your tan has been applied, avoid socks and bra . A loose fitting tracksuit and flip flops is ideal.
● Once your tan has been applied allow a minimum of 6-8 hours for the tan to develop, preferably leave it on overnight and shower it off the next morning. Please do not be tricked into thinking your tan is going too dark, both St Tropez and Vita Liberata have a dark brown guide colour causing you to look darker than you really are. If you shower it off too soon the colour will not have had time to fully develop.
● Avoid the use of shampoo and shower products for your first shower, simply let the water rinse over you. The water will be very brown, don’t worry you are not washing it off! Shower as normal after this.
● Do not rub yourself dry with your towel, pat dry instead, your tan will last longer and wear off much more evenly.
● Avoid having a bath, swimming, and heat treatments whilst your tan remains as these will cause the tan to fade more quickly.
● Exfoliate with a gentle body scrub 2x per week and moisturise daily, this encourages a brighter more even tan.